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Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles

February 1, 2014


Eparchial Stewardship  --  Mr. John Kurey

Priestly Vocations*  --  Rev. Gary George

Office of Liturgy*  --  Chorbishop Moussa Joseph

Office of Ministries  --  Rev. Rodrigue Constantin

New Evangelization/Outreach*  --  Chorbishop Sharbel Maroun

Office of Care-givers*  --  Msgr. Donald Sawyer

Youth Ministry*  --  Rev. Gary George

Maronite Young Adult Apostolate*  --  Rev. Tony Massad

Family/Pro-Life Office*  --  Msgr. William Boncezewski & Rev. Nadim Abou Zeid

Religious Education*  --  Rev. Pierre El Khoury

Commission for Lebanon and the Middle East*  --  Rev. Toufic Nasr

Office of Immigration  --  Chorbishop Faouzi Elia

Ecumenism & Inter-Faith*  --  Rev. Andre Mhanna

Communications*  --  Rev. Antoine Bakh & Rev. Ramsine Hage Moussa

Our Lady of Lebanon Seminary Alumni  --  Msgr. Anthony Spinosa

Liturgical Music Commission*  --  Chorbishop Alfred Badawi

Eparchial Newsletter Consulter  --  Rev. Pierre Bassil

Technology  --  Rev. John Nahal

Building Oversight  --  Chorbishop Faouzi Elia

Legal Counsel Board  --  Msgr. Peter Karam

Noursat*  --  Chorbishop Sharbel Maroun

Catholic Schools Assistance Fund Lebanon*  --  Rev. Charles Khachan

Inter-Eparchial History Committee*  --  Rev.George Hajj

Caritas Lebanon*  --  Rev. Elias Abi-Sarkis

Office for the Protection of Minors  --  Msgr. Peter Karam

Project Roots*  --  Rev. Charles Khachan

Continuing Education for Clergy  --  Msgr. Peter Karam

Priests’ Retirement Fund  --  Chorbishop Faouzi Elia, Msgr. Anthony Spinosa,

                                                 Msgr. Jibran BouMerhi, Rev. Albert Constantine

Archivist  --  Randa Hakim


* = Lay representative for each parish appointed by the pastor